About Me

Welcome to Forever Blessings Designs. I am Mandi and I am the proud mother to 6 beautiful, perfectly made children from God. Three of my children are biological and three were born in my heart, but all six were hand picked for Matt and I to be Blessed by everyday.

In May, 2008 turned a longtime dream into a reality when we welcomed Mylee into our family. Mylee has added so much to our family, I cannot imagine it without her. We were certain our family was complete, until I started getting the itch again. Honestly, I tried to ignore it for months, but the further I pushed it out of my mind, the stronger it came back. So, I reluctantly approached Matt with the idea of adding another boy to our family. He was very hesitant at first, but it wasn't long before God was slowly opening Matt's heart to yet another child.

We began the journey to Drew in April, 2009 and were just about to travel when God really surprised us by leading us to an aging out boy. With nothing but complete trust, we took the biggest leap of faith and sent in our LOI for Jaxon. We were once again blessed when we were united with Drew and Jaxon just this past May. Although we have only been home four months, both boys are doing wonderful, and have fit in our family like a missing piece to a puzzle.

Along our journey to the boys, like many adoptive parents, we found ourselves approaching roadblock after roadblock and climbing mountain after mountain. We were blessed beyond words at the amount of people who stepped forward to help us bring our boys home. I was in complete amazement and awe at the number of strangers who were willing to help us, having never met us. Thank you just doesn't seem good enough.

So, after some serious brainstorming, I came up with the idea of doing blog makeovers and adoption announcements. My makeovers are a little different than most. I have decided to donate a portion from every makeover I do to other families working to bring their children home. By getting a blog makeover by me, you will not only get a fresh, new look, you will have the pleasure in knowing that you had a hand in uniting a child with their forever family.